About Actual Software, Inc.

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Actual Software, Inc. provides automated telephone services and integrated voice/Internet applications such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and web to voice or fax applications.

Our IVR services include order entry applications, dealer/store locators, information lines, fax on demand (FOD), marketing support programs, surveys, remote reporting and many other services. We frequently develop custom applications and use a

Actual Software supports the usual style of in-bound and out-bound applications. We also support a new style of Internet based applications where activity at your web site drives applications from our voice platforms. For example, orders entered through a form on your web site cause our voice platform to call the customer and acknowledge the order or provide status information.

Reporting, whether it's activity or results, is critical. Actual Software recognizes this and has a powerful automated reporting capability. We can custom the content, delivery method and timing of reports.

Please see our Alertcast web page for information on our Alertcast emergency notification service.

We are also the largest developer and provider of automated third party verification (TPV) services. Actual Software provides third party verification via the telephone and over the internet.